Zhejiang Botai Plastic Co.,Ltd , was established in 2004, located between Shanghai and Hangzhou. We mainly produce all kinds of PVC material, including PVC Flex Banner for advertising media, tarpaulin material series, tent series, inflatable material series, tensile membrane structure series.


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Mainly produce all kinds of PVC Flex Banner, PVC Laminated & Coated Tarpaulin, PVC Textiles, PVC Films, etc.

Advantages of pvc laminated tarpaulin


Advantages of pvc laminated tarpaulin

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PVC Laminated tarpaulin does not require maintenance due to the ability to be made from standard materials (pvc, vinyl) and has a lower maintenance cost.The advantages of pvc laminated tarpaulin include: The same cost lifespan as non pvc materials. Can be used on uneven surfaces becausethere is no need for additional support boards It is easier to install, it can be installed without any tools It is lightweight and easy to store-The weight of the fabric is comparable to that of cloth The fabric is recyclable. A pvc laminated tarpaulin provides a superior lightweight and cost effective means for securing a shelter structure to ground, which meets new international safety standards.

pvc laminated tarpaulin

The pvc laminated tarpaulin has good quality, good surface flatness, good peeling strength and beautiful appearance. The pvc laminated tarpaulin is great for the garage, living rooms, kitchen, den, kitchen countertop, bathroom, den walls, patio, and so much more.Perfect for a variety of uses. 

PVC laminated tarpaulin has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, flame retardant, cold resistance and aging resistance. The pvc laminated tarpaulin provides excellent fire protection and can be cut to the size required for your specific requirements. The pvc laminated tarpaulin is engineered for maximum durability so you can rely on its ability to withstand the rigors of your camping expedition and to provide a quality shelter for years to come.