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Explanation of the purchase precautions of pvc tarpaulin


Explanation of the purchase precautions of pvc tarpaulin

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As a consumable product in the plastics industry, the service life of pvc tarpaulin is a key factor in determining the product purchase. In addition, it is mainly judged and selected according to the later use. Next, let's take a look at the precautions for purchasing pvc tarpaulin.

pvc tarpaulin
For example, if an indoor car and an outdoor car are covered with pvc tarpaulin of the same quality, the effect will be different after a long time. So, we have to first look at what product we want to block, and what environment our product is placed in.
If our product needs to be shaded, we should choose a thicker one. If our product is only anti-dust, then the thickness can be omitted. If we place it outside the house, we must choose one that can block ultraviolet rays. Therefore, different environments There are different choices, and the purchase of pvc tarpaulin must be based on your actual needs.
When selecting pvc tarpaulin, a very important quality standard is the density of latitude and longitude. The higher the density, the better the strength, that is, the better the quality. Looking at the appearance, the rougher the surface, the worse the quality, so we must carefully observe the roughness, and we can test the softness by hand. If it is the same proportion of the area, the higher the price of the tarpaulin product, the quality will definitely be better, you get what you pay for, but it should also be noted that practicality is another aspect, not the more expensive car awning. The better the quality of the cloth. If it is applied to the tarpaulin of a small car, its workmanship is still relatively complicated, and the three-dimensional tailoring method needs to be adopted to make the finished car cover closely fit the car.