Zhejiang Botai Plastic Co.,Ltd , was established in 2004, located between Shanghai and Hangzhou. We mainly produce all kinds of PVC material, including PVC Flex Banner for advertising media, tarpaulin material series, tent series, inflatable material series, tensile membrane structure series.


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Mainly produce all kinds of PVC Flex Banner, PVC Laminated & Coated Tarpaulin, PVC Textiles, PVC Films, etc.

Features of pvc laminated tarpaulin


Features of pvc laminated tarpaulin

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The characteristics of pvc laminated tarpaulin are as follows

1. Classification: pvc laminated tarpaulin is commonly woven with No. 58 4-7 strands, the fabric is firm and foldable, and has good waterproof performance. It is used for automobile transportation and open-air warehouse cover, as well as tents in the field, roller blinds in farms, and ships. , Cargo ship, etc.

pvc laminated tarpaulin

Fine canvas warp and weft yarns are generally 2 strands of No. 58 to 6 strands of No. 28, which are used to make labor protection clothing and supplies. After dyeing, it can also be used as fabrics for shoes, travel bags, backpacks, etc.

2. Yarn count: In short, the yarn count refers to the thickness of the yarn. The "English standard" currently used in China is: one pound (454 grams) of cotton yarn (or other component yarn), the length is 840 yards (0.9144 yards/m), the fineness of the yarn is one piece. If a pound of yarn, its length is 10×840 yards, its fineness is 10 counts, and the representation method of yarn count is the English letter "S". The representation method of a single yarn is: 32 single yarn - -----It is expressed as: 32S strands are expressed as: 32 strands (two strands twisted in parallel) are: 32S/2, 42 strands and 3 strands are twisted as 42S/3.

3. Density: The calculation unit of fabric density of pvc laminated tarpaulin is in metric system, which refers to the number of warp and weft yarns arranged in one square inch. The density directly affects the physical and mechanical indicators of the fabric, such as appearance, feel, thickness, strength, flexural resistance, air permeability, abrasion resistance, and warmth retention, as well as the cost and production efficiency of pvc laminated tarpaulin.

Zhejiang Botai plastic pvc laminated tarpaulin products have sufficient supply and complete specifications. They can be customized according to the customer's length and width, and the width is extra large. When processing the finished product, it can reduce the seam and improve the quality. It can be heat-sealed and spliced ​​to avoid the worry of sewing water leakage. Products with different functions, colors, and thicknesses can be customized according to user needs. Welcome to leave a message to consult and order.