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How to choose a good price and quality Striped Awning?


How to choose a good price and quality Striped Awning?

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In the hot summer, you need to find a shade to rescue yourself in the heat wave. In addition to the air-conditioned rooms, the ideal place to relieve the heat is Striped Awning in the backyard. Striped Awning fabric is generally made of polyester, and then a waterproof coating will be made to ensure that it does not leak in rainy days.

Striped Awning

1. Striped Awning is suitable for external shading of doors and windows in low-rise and multi-story buildings. It is not suitable for sunshading outside high-rise buildings.
2. The material, thickness, size and form of the Striped Awning material, the form and specification of the fixing device, the power of the motor, the wind pressure of the place of use, etc. are related to each other. According to the specific engineering situation, the professional Striped Awning manufacturers ask for relevant technical information, and select them after comprehensive consideration.
3. The connection method between each Striped Awning system and the main building body, lightning protection measures and other safety-related issues shall be determined by the engineering designer according to the specific project conditions, and the professional manufacturer shall be jointly determined and responsible.
4. When choosing a Striped Awning system with a shutter box, the impact of different positions of the shutter box on the energy saving of the wall should be considered.
5. For systems equipped with automatic control, wind control and rain control sensing devices are generally required. Light control can be selected according to specific conditions. Manual driving is generally not suitable for external shading in often unmanned places.
6. It is recommended to use dark colors for Striped Awning fabrics to achieve better shading effect.
7. Striped Awning fabric types: polyester coated fabric, glass fiber coated fabric.

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