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How to clean and maintain pvc coated tarpaulin?


How to clean and maintain pvc coated tarpaulin?

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PVC coated tarpaulin is coated by a special process. The PVC particles are first melted and stirred into a paste, and then evenly coated on the tarpaulin base according to the specified thickness, and then enter the foaming furnace for foaming, so that it can adapt to Produce a variety of different products with different softness requirements, and carry out surface treatment at the same time as the furnace is released.

pvc coated tarpaulin

In addition to being waterproof, pvc coated tarpaulin has anti-pollution ability: if it is stained with stains, just wipe it, and it can keep it clean for a long time. Weathering resistance: Determined by the nature of PVC itself, which prolongs the service life. Tear resistance: excellent tensile, tear and peel resistance. It also has anti-chemical corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation, flame-retardant properties.

pvc coated tarpaulin is one of the most common fabrics, besides it is also used for all kinds of tarpaulins. Tarpaulin with PVC added is much higher than ordinary tarpaulin in corrosion resistance, air permeability, water resistance, strength and other properties, and it is much easier in daily cleaning and maintenance.

In the cold winter, what should I pay attention to in the maintenance of pvc coated tarpaulin?
1. Try to avoid folding and keep it stretched;
2. Keep dry as much as possible, and wipe dry as soon as possible after being stained with water;
3. Avoid the collision of sharp objects to prevent the pvc coated tarpaulin from cracking.