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How to clean pvc tarpaulin


How to clean pvc tarpaulin

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There are many types of tarpaulins, one of the more common ones is pvc tarpaulin, and in order to make this tarpaulin have good waterproofness, a layer of waterproof coating will be applied on its surface during production, so how should we clean it? What about pvc tarpaulin?

pvc tarpaulin

1. Pick up the bottom surface of the pvc tarpaulin and wipe off the sediment. If there is any pollution, it can be wiped with clean water.
2. Expose the pvc tarpaulin inside and outside tents to the sun, and then put them away after it recovers from monotony. If it is too late to dry the plastic tarpaulin, remember that it must not be stored for a long time to prevent coloring and mildew. Once conditions are available, immediately expose to the sun.
3. Pick up the silt from the poles.
4. Check the pvc tarpaulin accessories and their integrity.
5. It is not advisable to clean with scrubbing supplies to avoid affecting the waterproof effect.
6. After cleaning, let it dry naturally in a ventilated and cool place. Do not expose it to the hot sun or place it in a high temperature local baking to prevent degumming or degumming and accelerate aging.
7. Non-professional labor rubber shoes should not be in contact with chemical substances such as acid, alkali, salt, etc., to prevent corrosion, degumming and deformation.
8. The force should be gentle and even when cleaning. Do not brush hard to prevent short lines, or brush off the pictures and decorative parts of the shoe body.
9. Avoid contact with sharp and sharp objects to prevent scratches.
10. For colorful canvas, do not contact with hard-to-clean items such as carbon ink. After cleaning the canvas of this color, apply toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Be careful to be even, and then let it dry to prevent discoloration. Maybe find two pieces of clean white paper and put them on them, dry them and tear them off. It can also prevent discoloration.
11. If there are minor faults such as disconnection, disconnection, or loose decorative parts, it should be repaired in time. to extend its service life.
12. pvc tarpaulin should be cleaned regularly to prevent mildew and odor. Do not wash in the washing machine. Some people think that the tent is resistant to folding, the price is low, and they are too lazy to wash by hand. It is not the same as the decorative cloth, and it is easy to fall and fade when washed in the washing machine.