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Mainly produce all kinds of PVC Flex Banner, PVC Laminated & Coated Tarpaulin, PVC Textiles, PVC Films, etc.

How to distinguish the quality of customized pvc tarpaulin


How to distinguish the quality of customized pvc tarpaulin

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Under normal circumstances, the quality of customized pvc tarpaulin products with the same proportion of area and the higher the price will definitely be better. You get what you pay for. Although that is the case, there are still certain drawbacks. The price is only one aspect. Practicality is another aspect, not that the higher the price, the better the quality of the customized pvc tarpaulin.

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A very important criterion for the quality of customized pvc tarpaulin is the density of latitude and longitude. The higher the density, the better the strength, that is, the better the quality. Just look at the appearance, the rougher the surface, the lower the quality, so if you take a tarp, you must first check the roughness, and then you can test the softness by hand. In the introduction of the main material of the tarp I have made a very detailed explanation on the material, and it is a very reference method to look at the quality from the material.

Of course, if you add the price factor, I believe you can choose your own customized customized pvc tarpaulin, but at the end I still want to remind everyone that when buying, customized pvc tarpaulin can be tested with water, a good one After rubbing the tarpaulin with your hands, pour water to see if it leaks. If you have poor quality customized pvc tarpaulin, it will cause problems.