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How to identify the quality of pvc tarpaulin


How to identify the quality of pvc tarpaulin

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     When we choose pvc tarpaulin products, the quality of pvc tarpaulin is what we should be most concerned about, so it is very important to grasp the key to identify the quality of pvc tarpaulin. So how to judge the basic quality of pvc tarpaulin products? The following pvc tarpaulin wholesale manufacturers, Linyi Shangheng Plastic Co., Ltd. will share with you the commonly used tarpaulin quality judgment methods:

quality pvc tarpaulin
     1. The price of pvc tarpaulin: Although there is no decisive relationship between the quality and price of such products, quality often occupies a certain proportion in the product price. Generally speaking, the same area, the price is relatively high, then the quality of the product is better.
     2. Inspection: The important feature of pvc tarpaulin is waterproofing, so we can try to sprinkle a small amount of water on the surface of the product. If the water does not penetrate deep into the tarpaulin, then the quality of this product is relatively good.
     3. Density of pvc tarpaulin: The density of the tarpaulin must be one of the important factors. The method of product identification is very simple, that is, to check the latitude and longitude of the product. The denser the product, the better the quality of the product. Secondly, we also need to pay attention to the roughness of the product surface. In the process of selection, we can feel the roughness and softness of the product by hand to distinguish the quality of the tarpaulin.
     The above is the quality identification method of pvc tarpaulin sorted out for everyone. I hope it will help you understand and purchase pvc tarpaulin.