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How to measure the density of pvc laminated tarpaulin


How to measure the density of pvc laminated tarpaulin

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The calculation unit of the density of pvc laminated tarpaulin is in metric system, which refers to the number of warp and weft yarns arranged in one square inch. The density directly affects the physical and mechanical indicators of pvc laminated tarpaulin, such as appearance, feel, thickness, strength, flexural resistance, air permeability, abrasion resistance, and warmth retention. At the same time, it is also related to the cost and production efficiency of the product.

pvc laminated tarpaulin

There are two methods for measuring the density of pvc laminated tarpaulin:

The direct measurement method is accomplished by means of a pvc laminated tarpaulin density analysis mirror. The length of the scale of the fabric density analysis mirror is 5cm. Below the analysis lens, a long glass sheet is engraved with a red line. When analyzing the fabric density, move the lens and align the red line on the glass sheet and the red line on the scale at the same time. Between the yarns, use this as the starting point, and count the yarns while moving the lens until the 5cm scale line is the same. The number of output yarns multiplied by 2 is the density value of the 10cm fabric.

When counting the number of yarns, the starting point should be the center between the two yarns. If the count reaches the end, it is more than 0.5, and if it is less than one, it should be counted as 0.75; if it is less than 0.5, then Calculated by 0.25. Generally, 3-4 data should be measured for fabric density, and then take the arithmetic average value as the measurement result.

The indirect test method is suitable for pvc laminated tarpaulin with high density features. First, analyze the pvc laminated tarpaulin organization and the number of cyclic warp yarns in the organization, and then multiply it by the number of organization cycles in 10cm.