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How to prevent pvc tarpaulin damage and seam treatment


How to prevent pvc tarpaulin damage and seam treatment

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Because pvc tarpaulin has good cold resistance, heat resistance, tarpaulin performance, creep resistance, repeated fatigue resistance, wear resistance and bending resistance, it has a wide range of applications in many places. We should pay attention to avoid its damage when using it. The methods we commonly use to prevent its damage are as follows:

pvc tarpaulin
1. Please do not step on the tarpaulin directly when using the tarpaulin, otherwise its strength will be damaged.
2. When using a new waterproof tarpaulin, please overlap the thread paste on the waterproof paste.
3. Keep dry when using tarps. After use, dry the rain cloth.
4. If there are stains on the tarpaulin, rinse gently with water, do not use chemical additive detergents, and do not use strong rinsing, which will damage the waterproof film on the surface of the tarpaulin and affect its waterproof function.
When we use pvc tarpaulin daily, we should pay attention to its maintenance and maintenance, and pay attention to the above points during use, which can effectively avoid its damage and prolong its service life.

The joint treatment of pvc tarpaulin is a key process, which directly affects the anti-seepage effect. Common seam methods are:

1. Lap joint: The lap joint width should be greater than 15cm.
2. Thermal welding: suitable for slightly thicker geomembrane substrates, and the lap width of the welding seam is not less than 5CM. (Gluing is not recommended, it is easy to open the glue after soaking in water for a long time, and the anti-seepage effect is poor.)
Precautions for the construction of pvc tarpaulin:
1. The embedded type must be selected for use: the thickness of the cover should not be less than 30cm.
2. The renovation anti-seepage system should consist of: cushion layer, anti-seepage layer, transition layer and protective layer.
3. The soil should be solid, to avoid uneven subsidence, cracks, and the turf and tree roots within the anti-seepage range should be eradicated. Sand or clay with small particle size is laid on the contact surface with the membrane as a protective layer.
4. When laying, the plastic tarpaulin should not be pulled too tightly. The red corrugated part buried in the soil at both ends is better, especially when it is anchored with rigid materials, a certain amount of elasticity should be reserved.
5. During construction, stones should be avoided, heavy objects should be directly smashed on the pvc tarpaulin, and the film should be laid while covering the protective layer as much as possible during construction.