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How to remove the musty smell of pvc laminated tarpaulin


How to remove the musty smell of pvc laminated tarpaulin

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The pvc laminated tarpaulin is a waterproof material with high strength, good toughness and softness, which is often used as canvas, polyester with polyurethane coating or made into polyethylene plastic. The feature is that it can be waterproof, especially when it is used in summer, the arrival of rain is always unavoidable, and then it plays a major role.

pvc laminated tarpaulin
Many times we will use pvc laminated tarpaulin, such as tents used for travel, used to cover cars, when placed for a period of time, you will find a musty smell, with a certain pungent odor, which will affect our Use, especially when traveling, it is difficult to stay in it if there is a peculiar smell, so how to remove the musty smell of pvc laminated tarpaulin?
If you want to get rid of the musty smell on pvc laminated tarpaulin, you must know the source of the musty smell first, so that you can treat the symptoms. Mold only grows in damp conditions and can multiply, so to prevent mold growth in damp conditions, we can use warm soapy water and a sponge to prop it up and wipe it off. Scrub the pvc laminated tarpaulin with hot water and detergent. The obvious way to get rid of mold is to mix it with one cup of salt water, one cup of lemon juice, and one gallon of water.
When you find that your pvc laminated tarpaulin is moldy and smelly, you can use the removal method described above to clean the pvc laminated tarpaulin, which can remove its odor and ensure its service life.