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How to replace the rope of pvc tarpaulin


How to replace the rope of pvc tarpaulin

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The use of pvc tarpaulin is very wide, both as a tent and as a rear canopy of a truck, but no matter which type it is, almost all need the cooperation of the rope, and the rope needs to be replaced, when we find When the rope should be replaced, how should it be operated? Next, let's go to see it in detail.

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When the rope is broken, severely worn or not long enough, the rope should be replaced. When replacing, the waist rope should be connected to the tarpaulin through the eye rim and the rope cloth. After one end of the waist rope is pierced through the eye rim, the end of the rope should be turned back, passed between the waist rope and the tarpaulin, and tied with a slipknot; the other end After piercing through the eye socket, tie a dead knot back.

Slip knots and dead knots of two adjacent waist ropes are staggered; manually loosen the elastic bar jackets that are rubbed together to make them in a natural relaxed state. After the end rope and the corner rope pass through the eye rim, they should be firmly inserted, and the butt joint of the edge rope should be firmly inserted. Tie a knot outside the eye rim.

The pvc tarpaulin should be kept away from corrosive items as much as possible, and should not be pressed by heavy objects. After use, you can properly clean the swag on the tarpaulin. At the same time, when storing, you can choose a cooler indoor place.

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