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How to transport pvc coated tarpaulin correctly


How to transport pvc coated tarpaulin correctly

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PVC coated tarpaulin is very common in today's life, but the requirements for transportation are very high. How to properly transport pvc coated tarpaulin to ensure that there are no scratches, bumps, etc. when the pvc coated tarpaulin arrives on the user's hand.

pvc coated tarpaulin

1. Packing method: The packing method must be correct. When folding the pvc coated tarpaulin, try to fold the tarpaulin to be more standardized.

2. Direct line: When choosing logistics, you must ask more about whether it is a direct line, so as to avoid damage to the pvc coated tarpaulin during transit.

3. Clear identification: must be marked on the packaging bag that it is strictly forbidden to drag, and the product must be clearly explained to the logistics when loading and unloading the product, and the pvc coated tarpaulin can be up and down with a crane or other lifting equipment.

4. It is forbidden to cut or damage the tarpaulin and rope. If it is found that the pvc coated tarpaulin is lost or damaged due to the responsibility of the consignee, the waist or side rope is missing, it can be managed according to the method.

5. Before using pvc coated tarpaulin at the sending station, check the quality one by one.

The above are the transportation precautions of pvc coated tarpaulin, I hope this article will help you.