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How to use customized pvc tarpaulin to have a good waterproof and shading effect


How to use customized pvc tarpaulin to have a good waterproof and shading effect

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Almost all the customized pvc tarpaulin sold on the market have the function of sunshade and rain. Of course, some consumers will question whether the service life of the tarpaulin will be shortened if it has the function of sunshade and rain. As a professional customized pvc tarpaulin manufacturer, we will introduce you how to color the tarpaulin so that you can better understand the rain tarpaulin.

customized pvc tarpaulin
In fact, the color of outdoor customized pvc tarpaulin can be maintained for more than 3 years when used outdoors, and even longer when used indoors. First of all, the awning tarpaulin is woven with 450D dyed polyester yarn through thickening and courtesy. It needs waterproof UP coating and environmental protection treatment. This awning tarpaulin can be used as outdoor awnings, awnings, fixed awnings, sun awnings and the like.
Due to the particularity of material selection, the customized pvc tarpaulin parasol has the characteristics of bright colors, fashion and good corrosion resistance. There are many colors of tarpaulin parasols, and you can buy them according to your preferences.
When heavy rain comes, we need to cover the tarp with cargo to prevent rain erosion. But many people are anxious and the tarp is crumpled, failing to achieve the expected results. This is because they do not know the rules for using tarpaulins. How can I quickly and neatly cover the tarp? The customized pvc tarpaulin factory tells you to spread the customized pvc tarpaulin first, and then fix the four corners of the tarpaulin first. If conditions permit, the floor mat can be placed under the goods, so that a good waterproof effect can be achieved.
The nails should be fixed at an inclination and angle of 35-45 degrees. The distance and direction of the ground nails should be coaxial with the pull rope, and the pull rope and the ground nails form a 90-degree angle, which is conducive to achieving great strength. Pay attention to the corresponding fixation in the fixed sequence, such as the front left corner first, the back right corner, then the front right corner, and the back left corner. After the whole piece of customized pvc tarpaulin is fixed, adjust the drawstring to make all aspects of tension universal.