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Main maintenance methods of pvc tarpaulin


Main maintenance methods of pvc tarpaulin

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Regardless of the material of pvc tarpaulin, maintenance is very important! Tarpaulin of various materials exerts its own particularity, and correct maintenance can greatly extend the use time. Next, let's take a look at the main maintenance methods of pvc tarpaulin.

pvc tarpaulin

1. The pvc tarpaulin processing factory tells you that after cleaning the tarpaulin, place it in a cool place in a ventilated environment and dry it naturally. Don't bake it in the hot sun or high temperature to prevent degumming or degumming, and accelerate the aging of knowledge.
2. Non-professional laborers and do shoe degumming from corrosion by touching deformation of acid, salt and other chemicals.
3. The pvc tarpaulin processing factory tells you that when cleaning, the force should be gentle, natural and even. If you can't, you can brush hard, so as not to make short lines or brush off the pattern and decoration work parts of the shoe body.
4. Prevent contact with sharp objects to prevent scratches.
5. For the colorful tarpaulin, do not touch it with ordinary carbon material ink and other items that are difficult to clean. After clean production of this cultural tarp, it is coated with toothpaste or white powder and chalk powder. Pay attention to it evenly, and let it dry to prevent discoloration. Maybe find two sheets of clean white stained paper and cover them for management, and then tear them off after drying. It can also prevent discoloration.
6. Small problems such as disconnection, disconnection or loose fitting parts should be repaired in time. To extend its service life.
7. In addition, pvc tarpaulin should be punctual to increase cleaning to prevent mildew or even smelly. Do not wash in the washing machine. Some people can think that the use of tarpaulin is resistant to folding, and the price is low, and they are too lazy to wash by hand. The familiarity is not the same as the decoration cloth. It is easy to fall off and fade when washed with a washing machine.