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Maintenance method of pvc tarpaulin


Maintenance method of pvc tarpaulin

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The pvc tarpaulin is very common now, many people don't know that the tarpaulin still needs maintenance, just put it aside after use. So what is the correct way to maintain the tarpaulin?

pvc tarpaulin
1. When storing the tarpaulin, do not get close to the sharp objects, so as not to be scratched and affect the use.
2. After the pvc tarpaulin has been placed for a period of time, it should be taken out for exposure to prevent bacteria from appearing. After the outdoor trip, remember to hang the tent to air dry. If the automatic tarpaulin is a bit dirty, gently brush it with cold water. That's it! Do not use chemical lotions or scrub hard, which will destroy the waterproof membrane on the surface of the fabric and reduce the waterproof effect of the tarpaulin.
3. If you want to install it, you need to read the manual of the tarpaulin carefully, and see the installation position and installation position clearly, and do some details of the installation of the tarpaulin.
4. After using the pvc tarpaulin, be sure to organize all the parts and pack them up, so as not to struggle to find them later and form a good habit.
The mildew of pvc tarpaulin will destroy the waterproofness of the tent. In case of mildew, use a sponge with a little detergent to gently brush off the mildew, and then dry it.