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Precautions when storing pvc tarpaulin


Precautions when storing pvc tarpaulin

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The choice of pvc tarpaulin mainly depends on the conditions under which the tarpaulin is used. Tarpaulin is mainly suitable for three purposes: one is leisure, there is no bottom layer, there are not many material requirements, and it is easy to carry, mainly for temporary rest in leisure places such as beaches; the second is general wild pvc tarpaulin, with relatively high requirements for bottom materials , The camp pole is made of fiberglass, light weight and easy to carry. Third, there is a special pvc tarpaulin on the mountain. The camp post is made of aluminum alloy, and the outer layer is tear-resistant. We usually choose two.

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Generally speaking, a two person tent is a commonly used pvc tarpaulin because it is easy to carry, even if three or one person can live. It is better to choose warm colors such as yellow, orange or red. Conspicuous colors are easy to distinguish when you can't move. A tarp needs to have enough cooking space between the inner and outer tents.

Generally speaking, the single space of pvc tarpaulin is 17 to 20 square feet. Double camp poles are generally strong, but are not easy to quickly build camp in strong winds. The washing machine cannot clean the pvc tarpaulin. Camp posts must be placed separately from the tent to avoid puncturing the tent cloth. When storing tent fabrics, wet tent fabrics must be spread out to dry and then collected.

Even if there is no moisture during the climb, the climber's exhalation will allow the moisture to collect in the pvc tarpaulin, so it is better to spread it out and install it. It can only be collected after drying for a period of time. The pvc tarpaulin should not be folded regularly, because the more the tent fabric is used, the more regular and neatly folded it will be, it will harden the tent and disintegrate the cracks.

There are two kinds of pvc tarpaulin production process, one is horizontal machine mechanical production, it is a heavy cylinder, pvc tarpaulin is put into the material, then put on the belt, flattened through the bottom of the heavy cylinder, and then pulled in a dryer to dry , then cut the edges. One is vertical mechanical production, the cloth is straightened into the raw material box, the tarpaulin is made of high-purity polyvinyl chloride material, and then the two sides are straightened with a knife, dried with a knife scraping dryer, and the edges are cut.