Zhejiang Botai Plastic Co.,Ltd , was established in 2004, located between Shanghai and Hangzhou. We mainly produce all kinds of PVC material, including PVC Flex Banner for advertising media, tarpaulin material series, tent series, inflatable material series, tensile membrane structure series.


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Mainly produce all kinds of PVC Flex Banner, PVC Laminated & Coated Tarpaulin, PVC Textiles, PVC Films, etc.

Some ways to choose pvc laminated tarpaulin


Some ways to choose pvc laminated tarpaulin

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Different types of pvc laminated tarpaulin have different prices. We need to understand our applications when we buy. The pvc laminated tarpaulin factory will provide customers with different types of options, and can also make themselves aware of the advantages of different types of pvc tarpaulin. Through the pvc laminated tarpaulin company, we can learn more about material models, and we can also get a lot of help through the company. These are our best methods in the process of choosing pvc laminated tarpaulin, and they can also play a very good role.

pvc laminated tarpaulin

PVC laminated tarpaulin is very thick, but some products are very thin, so many consumers don’t know what kind of product to choose. Some people even think that the thickness of pvc laminated tarpaulin is related to the quality of the product. In fact, pvc laminated tarpaulin The quality of the product has nothing to do with the thickness of the product. Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the pvc laminated tarpaulin we use can be maintained at 0.35 mm to 0.8 mm.

When in use, the folded edge of the pvc laminated tarpaulin can be evenly divided into three parts. Do a good job of correcting pvc laminated tarpaulin in time, so that the use of cloth can achieve great results. When the pvc laminated tarpaulin is not in use, it should be collected.

One thing to pay attention to when handling pvc laminated tarpaulin, handle it with care, and make sure it is placed in a safe location, not in a place with too high temperature, and it is strictly forbidden to smoke or fire. Avoid fire burning pvc laminated tarpaulin, resulting in unnecessary loss of goods.