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Storage skills of pvc tarpaulin


Storage skills of pvc tarpaulin

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When storing pvc tarpaulin, mastering certain storage skills will greatly help maintain the product's performance. So, when we store, what specific issues should we pay attention to? Let's introduce this problem below, and interested friends can come and find out.

pvc tarpaulin
The pvc tarpaulin is still better to be tied to the carriage. Because it is often folded, it is easy to degummed and break the line at the fold, and the sharp edge is ground into a small hole; at the same time, we often see that the center of the folded tarp becomes damp, causing black spots, which accelerates the damage of the tarp.
When in use, it is best to have a layer of liner inside, which can prevent the materials in the carriage and the box from being directly hit by the sharp edges, and enhance the ability to resist storms.
Always pay attention to check whether the warp beam is shaken, it is necessary to fasten it at any time, the tarpaulin is loose, and it should be fastened tightly to avoid the pvc tarpaulin being torn by a lot of strength due to the shaking. If the tarpaulin is found to be broken, it should be repaired in time to prevent it from expanding, and it should be kept intact and cleaned frequently.
Some pads are lined with contempt, at least where the tarpaulin rod and the pvc tarpaulin touch (especially where the sharp edge is strong) use inner tube skin or thick cloth as the liner to reduce wear.