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The performance and precautions of customized pvc tarpaulin


The performance and precautions of customized pvc tarpaulin

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The customized pvc tarpaulin is easy to use. In the hot summer, it can not only prevent rain, but also sunscreen. Therefore, it is widely used. But we need to pay attention to some things when using:

pvc tarpaulin

   1. First of all, when the user uses the fabric, do not step on it with shoes, which may damage the strength of the fabric. Secondly, keep it dry when using the tarp. After use, the cloth should be hung up to dry. Wash the dirty cloth lightly, do not use chemically added cleaning agents, and do not brush hard.
   2. When using a new customized pvc tarpaulin, apply a layer of seam glue to the place where the waterproof seam glue is used. For a long time, factories have used waterproof canvas to consolidate waterproof measures.
   3. The tarpaulin should be fixed on the ground during construction to prevent the bricks from collapsing.
   4. Note that the customized pvc tarpaulin should be cleaned regularly to prevent mold and peculiar smell, and do not use a washing machine to clean it. Do not brush hard, so as not to brush off the pattern and decorative parts of the shoes in a short time. Please note that even when cleaning, the force should be gentle. During cleaning, if the customized pvc tarpaulin is found to be damaged, dropped or loosely decorated, it should be repaired in time to extend its service life.
   5. Be careful not to touch objects that are difficult to clean, such as carbon ink. After cleaning, apply toothpaste or white chalk powder on this color tarp. It should be uniform, dry and prevent discoloration.

The performance characteristics of customized pvc tarpaulin:

  For open-air construction projects, what is worrying is the weather conditions. After all, once a weather problem occurs, not only the construction period will be affected, but the cost will also increase. For engineering materials, construction personnel also have a greater impact. Especially in the rainy season, the impact of weather on this project is more obvious, so customized pvc tarpaulin is particularly important.
  The quality of customized pvc tarpaulin is very good in terms of technology and efficiency, because these products have long been used to cover tents and building materials, and are used as vehicles for rain and sun protection during transportation. Therefore, high-quality customized pvc tarpaulin material is lighter, but has high toughness. After all, due to the relatively strong use strength and the various types of wear, a good choice of products can prolong the service life and reduce the cost.
  Although this product looks trivial, it plays an important role in the construction process. Especially for many materials that need to be sheltered from wind and rain, a good customized pvc tarpaulin is very important.
  Therefore, we must be very careful when choosing. In addition to the products produced by high-quality customized pvc tarpaulin manufacturers, we must also choose better quality products. After all, for customized pvc tarpaulin, the effect of rainproof can be achieved. It is through its own materials and coatings. Only by ensuring high-level technology and materials can we ensure that there are no problems during use and the normal operation of the project.