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What are the characteristics of waterproof paint used in pvc laminated tarpaulin


What are the characteristics of waterproof paint used in pvc laminated tarpaulin

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The pvc laminated tarpaulin is made of plastic layer and mesh base layer by hot pressing. The plastic sheet has waterproof and thermal insulation properties, and is widely used in industry and agriculture such as fruit tree wound dressing, bee colony feeding and thermal insulation greenhouses. We often use tarpaulins that are coated with waterproof materials, so that they can play a good role in waterproofing. So what are the characteristics of the waterproof coatings we usually use?

pvc laminated tarpaulin
1. The waterproof coating is the main material of the pvc laminated tarpaulin waterproof layer, and it is also an adhesive, so it is necessary to choose the waterproof coating for smearing, so as to ensure a good use effect.
2. After the waterproof coating, it is necessary to ensure that the extensibility and weather resistance of pvc laminated tarpaulin are not affected, and can be used well in various scenarios.
3. The waterproof coating is sticky before curing, so it can be used not only on the horizontal plane, but also on the facade and various complex surfaces during construction.
The above are the characteristics of the use of waterproof coatings. The quality of the waterproof coatings used in pvc laminated tarpaulin is required, and the above product characteristics also need to be satisfied, so as not to affect its quality.