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Mainly produce all kinds of PVC Flex Banner, PVC Laminated & Coated Tarpaulin, PVC Textiles, PVC Films, etc.

What is the best pvc tarpaulin?how to buy?


What is the best pvc tarpaulin?how to buy?

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In fact, pvc tarpaulin is chemical fiber laminated with pvc material, or pvc mesh or pvc laminated fabric. pvc tarpaulin is a polyester filament base fabric and double-sided coating with PVC paste resin. Because it is a dipping process, one-time molding, there is a PVC slurry in the gap of the cloth, so it has good waterproof performance. Its production process: polyester filament cloth- Dip coating-drying and setting-calendering and cooling-rewinding, now the tarpaulin on the truck, the storage yard and other rainproof products are all made of pvc tarpaulin. PVC material has good rain resistance, PVC has a good degree of hard work, and the anti-aging resistance of pvc tarpaulin is far better than that of PP and PE tarpaulin.

customized pvc tarpaulin

pvc tarpaulin, also known as three-proof cloth, pvc coated cloth, can be exposed to the wind and sun and has a long life. This high-quality function is related to the processing process of the tarpaulin itself. PVC tarpaulin is a canvas that is processed by a special process and used for waterproof or moisture-proof, moisture-proof and cold-proof, generally refers to the series of plastic-coated cloth. It is made of fiber fabric and chemical filling materials through production processes such as dipping, coating, scraping, drying, and cooling.

In recent years, in many vast areas, pvc tarpaulin, as a traditional kang noodle material, has gradually declined due to the high price. People are more keen to use modern plastic floor leather instead of linoleum. But overnight, the shortcomings of the floor leather will appear, not only the heat resistance is poor, but also easy to crack. For some defective floor leather, there will be a certain peculiar smell, and the service life is very short. Therefore, it is not difficult to draw a professional conclusion from this: the traditional tarpaulin should pay attention to and modify the production processing methods, improve its manufacturing process, so as to better adapt to the requirements of the times. I believe that as long as this is achieved, its development space can still surpass floor leather.

1. It is not necessary to go to the tarpaulin factory in person to buy pvc tarpaulin. Now that the social economy is developing rapidly, the express company is a very good thing, and samples of pvc tarpaulin can be sent by express.

2. There are many standards and quality of pvc tarpaulin, with different standards and different prices. You can't just look at a thickness or model, but compare it with a physical sample.

3. It can be processed according to different standard scales, and can be customized to any size.

4. To buy pvc tarpaulin, you must look for the manufacturer. The quality is good, the price of canvas tarpaulin is low, and the shipment is fast, which can save material costs.