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What is the difference between pvc coated tarpaulin and pvc laminated tarpaulin?


What is the difference between pvc coated tarpaulin and pvc laminated tarpaulin?

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PVC coated tarpaulin is to dissolve the PVC resin in the plasticizer to make a glue-like PVC paste, then apply it on the cloth base, and dry it in an oven to make a finished product.

pvc coated tarpaulin

Pvc laminated tarpaulin is a mixture of PVC resin powder, plasticizers, stabilizers, etc. into powder, which is heated and melted by machines (usually extruders, internal mixers and open mills), and then passed through the calender rollers to remove the PVC It is pressed into a sheet and pasted with the base cloth to become a finished product.

1. Different production methods
1). pvc laminated tarpaulin: It is a new type of fabric that combines two kinds of fabrics or more of a kind of film and fabric, which has the advantages of both.
2). PVC coated tarpaulin: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coated cloth is made of glass fiber cloth, glass cotton cloth, and chemical fiber cloth as the base cloth and coated with a special process.

2. The characteristics are different
1). pvc laminated tarpaulin: a new type of fabric with the advantages of film and fabric; it can be salivated, blown, calendered or coated into a film, with good elasticity, toughness, abrasion resistance, good cold resistance, environmental protection and non-toxic advantages characteristic.
2). pvc coated tarpaulin: It has the characteristics of waterproof, flame retardant, mildew proof, cold proof, anti-corrosion; anti-aging; anti-ultraviolet; easy to clean; high temperature resistance and good heat preservation.

3.Different uses
1). pvc laminated tarpaulin: used as inflatable life jackets, diving BC jackets, life rafts, inflatable boats, inflatable tents, military inflatable self-inflating mattresses, massage airbags, medical anti-decubitus mattresses and professional waterproof backpacks.
2). pvc coated tarpaulin: widely used in tarpaulin for train and automobile transportation, and tarpaulin for grain storage, wharf and warehouse.