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What should be paid attention to when handing over pvc tarpaulin


What should be paid attention to when handing over pvc tarpaulin

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PVC tarpaulin is usually made of HDPE (high density polyethylene). This chemical material can remain stable at high temperature and a certain low temperature (-20 ° C ~ 60 ° C), and has excellent sunshade, moisture-proof and mildew-proof effect. So what should you pay attention to when handing over?

pvc tarpaulin

1. When checking for any abnormality, the consignee must unload the truck together with the freight forwarder of the special line. When unloading the truck, stop cutting and damaging the tarpaulin and rope. If it is found that the PVC tarpaulin is lost, damaged, or lacking waist, Side ropes, etc., shall be handled in accordance with the "Disposal Method for Damaged Railway Tarpaulins".
2. Before using the tarpaulin, the quality should be checked one by one. When using railway tarpaulins, fill in the tarpaulin number in the "Railway Truck Tarpaulin Number" column of the goods waybill; when using self-provided PVC tarpaulins, mark "×" in the "Railway Truck Tarpaulin Number" column of the goods waybill symbol, and check whether the shipper has marked "self-provided tarpaulin × sheet" and the number in the "shipper's record" column of the goods waybill.
3. Return of the tarpaulin to the unloading truck on the special line and special railway: After unloading the truck, the consignee will arrange (clean, fold) the tarpaulin according to the rules within two days according to the "truck tarpaulin handover form" filled out by the freight forwarder of the special line. In the station tarpaulin room, if the consignee fails to deliver the tarpaulin on the specified date, the extension fee for the tarpaulin should be charged according to the rules, and it will be calculated as one day if it is less than one day.
Therefore, manufacturers need to pay more attention in the handover process of pvc tarpaulin to ensure the correct and smooth handover of PVC tarpaulin products.