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What will happen if the pvc coated tarpaulin falls off during transportation


What will happen if the pvc coated tarpaulin falls off during transportation

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Now there are more and more logistics vehicles on the road, and they generally wrap the goods with pvc coated tarpaulin to escort the goods. But what happens if it falls off in transit?

pvc coated tarpaulin
1. It will cause the loss of the goods. After the pvc coated tarpaulin falls off, the goods are easily blown off by the strong wind and wet by the rain, which will increase the insured price and indemnity. In addition, the falling off of pvc coated tarpaulin also provides an opportunity for cargo thieves.
2. Threats the transportation safety of the road. If the pvc coated tarpaulin of the truck falls off on the way, it is easy to cause accidents such as scratching the railway equipment and injuring pedestrians.
The pvc coated tarpaulin falls off to a certain extent, it will also damage the image of the road, and more importantly, it will increase the trouble for the shipper, so they choose other transportation methods. The waterproof performance of pvc coated tarpaulin determines that it can still be used normally in rainy days, which is also a major factor that attracts us to buy tarpaulins. Although tarpaulins can protect us from rain, we still need to be careful in the process of use. For example, when building a plastic tarpaulin, you should pay attention to choosing a suitable location. It should be set on a flat ground without falling rocks and sliding objects; if it is in the rainy season in summer, try not to be close to rivers and river banks, and do not place the tarpaulin. Set up on an open space without too many obstructions to keep us safe.