Zhejiang Botai Plastic Co.,Ltd , was established in 2004, located between Shanghai and Hangzhou. We mainly produce all kinds of PVC material, including PVC Flex Banner for advertising media, tarpaulin material series, tent series, inflatable material series, tensile membrane structure series.


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Mainly produce all kinds of PVC Flex Banner, PVC Laminated & Coated Tarpaulin, PVC Textiles, PVC Films, etc.

Where pvc tarpaulin is often used


Where pvc tarpaulin is often used

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PVC tarpaulin can be used for factory cargo waterproofing, truck PVC tarpaulin, cargo tarpaulin, factory and mine tarpaulin, railway tarpaulin, industrial PVC tarpaulin for storage, waterproof, windproof and dustproof, coal yard, geotechnical, cargo yard canvas, dock, freight shipping Cargo ship PVC tarpaulin, carports, greenhouse tents are recommended to use this waterproof and durable new waterproof PVC tarpaulin, the weather is changeable, whether it is a coal mine or open-air cargo yard, it is very important to have a PVC tarpaulin!

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pvc tarpaulin can be used for outdoor shading car tarpaulin, parking lot tarpaulin, sliding shading tent, mobile light tarpaulin, four-corner tent, shrink tent, etc. The fabric PVC coating process, sun resistance, aging resistance, color splicing processing, beautiful appearance, shape Customized according to customers, convenient and practical.

pvc tarpaulin can be used for breeding: blackout roller blinds for pigs, chickens and poultry in southern farms, cold-proof and thermal insulation on northern cattle and sheep pastures, and the outer walls of pig farms, cow houses, sheep sheds, etc., use roller blinds to adjust the temperature to make it rain in cold weather It is warm and windproof. It can be easily rolled up and ventilated to recognize air flow on hot days. It has a great effect on the healthy growth of livestock. It is light and has good light transmission effect. It reduces indoor dimness and the breeding of mosquitoes and flies. It effectively protects the farm environment and is more suitable for breeding.

Therefore, rain-proof pvc tarpaulin is widely used all over the world. It can not only be used in trains, cargo ships, docks, construction sites, etc. as mold-proof, wind-proof, and cold-proof pvc tarpaulin, but also can be customized into roller shutter pvc tarpaulin for farms. ; It is also possible to make tents, canvas covers, fish ponds, air ducts, etc., with a wide range of uses and affordable prices. You can also wholesale pvc tarpaulin, pvc tarpaulin processing, pvc tarpaulin customization, etc. We are your brand choice that you can rest assured.