About Us

Company Culture

The company adheres to the core value of "people-oriented", respects the dignity of every employee as an individual, allows employees to participate in internal management and dialogue on the premise of resolutely implementing the company's strategy and planning, and actively listens to the voice of employees in their hearts to make them play The greatest potential; the company also cares and cultivates every employee with heart, relieves his worries, and allows him to work more efficiently, actively organizing employees to participate in training so that each employee can grow is one of the company's management goals. The company also establishes a fair employee promotion mechanism so that employees can get equal development opportunities; at the same time, the company respects the labor value of employees and strives to make employees Get higher salaries, benefits, and spiritual incentives than the same industry.

One of the important contents of corporate culture is to reflect customer value. All our business activities revolve around creating value for our customers. Customer satisfaction and customer value are the principles and standards of the company's business activities and the work of all employees. On the issue of the bottom line of customer value, we implement a firm iron fist.


Spirit of enterprise
Adhere to open and efficient innovation


Value orientation
Human value> All strategy> Tactical decision-making> Executive team> Individual reputation> Profit incentive> Punishment morality> Quality


Eight Honors and Eight Disgraces of Enterprises
Responsibility is proud, complain is ashamed; action is proud, talk is ashamed;
Bulk is proud, manual is ashamed; result is proud, task is ashamed;
Investment is proud, debt is ashamed; use is proud, groping is ashamed;
Crisis is proud, desire is ashamed; self-help is proud, he saved shame;