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Best PVC tarpaulin airtight material for inflatable boats, inflatable tents, inflatable slides

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2020-04-03 14:33

What is the manufacturing process of the best PVC tarpaulin for inflatable boats? Which inflatable PVC tarpaulin is best for inflatable products? I hope this blog can be helpful to inflatable product manufacturers. If you think my blog is useful to you, please help me forward this blog. Thanks.


Choosing the right PVC tarpaulin airtight material is crucial for the construction of inflatable boats, inflatable castles, inflatable tents, and inflatable slides, as they directly affect the durability, flexibility, UV protection, and overall performance of the inflatable product.


There are currently three ways to produce PVC tarpaulin fabrics: hot melt calendaring technology, cold lamination technology, and knife coating technology. FLFX PVC tarpaulin manufacturers will choose the appropriate production method according to the customer’s application scenario. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. How to choose them? You can browse the PVC tarpaulin page or consult our tarpaulin experts.


For conventional PVC tarpaulin airtight materials, we will choose hot-melt calendering technology. This production method mainly combines 2 to 8 layers of PVC film and high-strength base fabric at high temperatures to form a PVC heavy duty inflatable tarpaulin. 


Compared with PVC knife coated tarpaulin, PVC laminated tarpaulin material has the best air tightness. Perfect for inflatable boats PVC tarpaulins, inflatable castles, PVC tarpaulin inflatable tents, PVC tarpaulin inflatable slides, and other inflatable products. If you are interested in our China PVC inflatable tarpaulin materials, you can request PVC waterproof inflatable tarpaulin samples from us via email. Of course, you can also get more production videos and product information on PVC tarpaulin airtight materials on the PVC laminated fabric page.


Summary: PVC tarpaulin airtight material is most suitable for hot melt calendaring technology production.


Thickness: Choose the appropriate thickness of the PVC laminated tarpaulin material based on your intended application. Thicker materials generally have better puncture resistance and durability, making them ideal for inflatable slides or large inflatables. It is generally recommended to choose PVC inflatable tarpaulin above 0.5mm. Of course, it is recommended to choose a thinner PVC tarpaulin inflatable for small inflatable products, which will help control the construction cost and the weight of the inflatable product.


Flexibility: Ensure that the PVC heavy duty inflatable tarpaulin has good flexibility and is easy to shape and fold during the inflation and deflation processes. This flexibility is crucial for inflatable boats and inflatable tents that require frequent assembly and disassembly. Generally, PVC laminated tarpaulins and PVC knife coating tarpaulin fabrics have good flexibility.


Durability: For inflatable products used outdoors, the biggest damage to PVC tarpaulin airtight materials is outdoor ultraviolet rays. Look for PVC tarps that have an added UV treatment to protect against sun damage and increase the durability of the material. Anti-mildew treatment prevents mold growth and extends the life of the material, which is especially important for outdoor use on the water.


Seam Strength: Pay attention to seam construction as this is a common weakness in inflatable products. Heat-sealed seams are preferred for airtight integrity, preventing air leaks, and ensuring long-term reliability. For some large inflatable products, you can purchase a 5.1-meter PVC tarpaulin. This reduces the frequency of PVC tarpaulin welding.


Tear resistance: Priority is given to high breaking strength PVC tent tarpaulin material, especially for inflatable boats used in harsh environments or inflatable tents that are prone to wear and tear from outdoor factors. The tear resistance of PVC tarpaulin airtight material is determined by the base fabric of the material. The higher the specification of the base fabric, the better the tear resistance of the PVC tarpaulin, and the more expensive the PVC tarpaulin material price.


Certification: Considering compliance with industry standards and safety certification, we provide SGS certification for PVC tarpaulin materials, such as certification for flame retardancy, aging resistance, tear resistance, etc.


Customization options: In addition to the customization options provided in the above aspects, FLFX PVC tarpaulin manufacturers in china also offers color selection and brand LOGO printing, allowing the material to be customized according to your specific brand or design requirements.


By considering these factors and choosing high-quality PVC tarp airtight materials, you can ensure the longevity, performance, and safety of your inflatable boats, tents, and slides for a variety of applications and environments.