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How to choose the right tent fabric?

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2016-01-23 11:20

It’s not difficult. There are only a few mainstream tent fabrics on the market. However, when choosing the right tent fabric, you need to consider several factors, such as the use environment, expected use time, weight, waterproofness, etc.

I share some common tent fabrics and features:

1. Polyester fabric: This fabric is high-strength, wear-resistant, lightweight, easy to dry, and not easily damaged. It is very suitable for long-distance travel and is the preferred material for making portable tents.

2. Nylon cloth: a lightweight fabric with good durability and water resistance.

3. Polyester-cotton fabric: Polyester-cotton is a blend of polyester and cotton, which has the advantages of both cotton fiber and man-made fiber. It has high water resistance and comfortable touch. It is very suitable for tent fabrics used in mild environments, and can be used in spring and autumn.

4. PVC material: This type of material is extremely waterproof and is used to make airtight and durable tents. At present, the mainstream high-quality tents are made of coated satin: coating can improve the waterproof performance and windproof ability of the tent, making it suitable for use in rainy days. However, this material has a relatively hard texture and is not suitable for use in high-temperature environments. The other type is polyurethane-coated nylon cloth, which is the most common: compared with ordinary nylon cloth, polyurethane-coated nylon cloth has better waterproof properties, high tensile properties, and is not afraid of friction and tear resistance. Strong, long life when used. The third category is PVC/TPU coating materials: relatively speaking, they are heavier in weight, but have excellent waterproof and windproof properties. Especially TPU, which is more environmentally friendly than PVC, has better softness and wear resistance, and is currently the material of choice for many high-end and professional tents.