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You have seen at least 2 of the 6 common tent fabrics

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2016-01-23 11:21

Outdoors have become a very popular form of entertainment and leisure, and natural tents are no stranger to everyone. Do you know which fabric tent is better to choose? What are the main materials of tent fabrics? Let’s take a look:

The fabric of the tent is mainly divided into three parts: outer tent fabric, inner tent fabric, and bottom tent fabric.

1. The outer tent mainly uses five materials: polyester, nylon, Oxford cloth, technical cotton, silk, Gore-tex

1. Polyester:

It is a kind of polyester fiber. Nowadays, polyester is mostly used in tents. It has good waterproofing and weight, is relatively easy to control, and is highly economical.

2. Nylon:

The scientific name is polyamide fiber. Nylon has strong tension, bright and smooth color, is not easy to fade, is soft in texture, has good strength, is not easy to mold, and will not be eaten by insects. It has low hygroscopicity and does not harden when exposed to freezing. It is currently the most widely used material.

3. Oxford cloth:

It is highly waterproof and has good thermal insulation effect. It is not hot when exposed to the sun, but its texture is hard and bulky, and it is easy to mold and fade. Its economic benefits are no longer as good as nylon, and it has been gradually eliminated.

4. Technical cotton:

Also called TC cloth, it is a blended fabric of T (tetoron) and C (cotton). The warp part is woven with Tetoron, and the weft part is woven with cotton yarn. The result is TC cloth, which combines the characteristics of both and is wear-resistant. It has good durability and strength, good breathability and strong texture. It is mostly used in large and medium-sized family tents.