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Characteristics of PVC calendered film

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2016-01-23 11:36

The reason why PVC calendered film is so widely used is that it has the following characteristics.
(1) High tensile strength. The tensile strength of PVC calendered film is as high as 29 MPa. In the previous sandstorms in the northwest, both PE film and EVA film were damaged. Only the PVC calendered film was intact.

(2) Good thermal insulation performance. As a covering material for agricultural greenhouses, glass has the best thermal insulation performance, followed by PVC calendered film (which has strong infrared absorption ability), and then PE film. In addition, the thermal insulation performance of PVC calendered film at night is not much different from that of glass, which is extremely beneficial to promote the growth of crops.

3) Good transparency. The PVC calendered film is extruded by mirror rollers during the molding process and has a very smooth surface. It has less condensed water droplets, so the light transmittance is high, which is very beneficial to the photosynthesis of crops.

4) Uniform thickness. Because the PVC calendered film tube is in the shape of a middle drum, the middle rollers intersect, the lower roller has pre-strain, and the roller surface is finely ground, so the thickness accuracy is high.

5) Good bonding performance. According to the needs of the application, PVC calendered film can be used by methods such as high-frequency welding, thermal bonding and adhesive bonding, which is easy to use.

6) According to the different uses of PVC calendered film, the production formula and process conditions can be changed to meet