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Introduction to the physical and mechanical properties of PVC calendered film

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2016-01-23 11:40

The physical and mechanical properties of PVC calendered film mainly include the following points:
(1) Specific strength. Membrane products have higher specific strength than other materials, so they have become the first choice material in architectural decoration, daily use, aerospace and other projects.

(2) Isolation. The conductivity of membrane products is smaller than that of metal or rock, that is, the ability of heat conduction, electrical conduction and wave conduction is smaller, so its thermal conductivity is small (1/500-1/600 of metal), electrical insulation, vibration reduction and sound absorption. good:
(3) Availability. The decorative usability of membrane products is good: first. Plastic products are colorful and rich, with smooth and shiny surfaces. The patterns of the products are clear, and the straight and curved lines are square and regular! The curves are soft and graceful. Secondly, plastic products can be sawed, nailed, drilled, planed, welded, and glued for decoration, installation and construction. Quick and convenient, thermoplastics can also be bent and reshaped, and the quality of decoration construction is easy to ensure. In addition, plastic products are resistant to the erosion of acids, alkalis, salts and water, and have good chemical stability, making them beautiful and durable. Non-foaming products are easy to clean and paint.

(4) Thermal performance. Compared with other building decoration materials, cladding products have unique thermal stress deformation properties. When plastic is heated, its ability to deform increases, creating fluidity; this phenomenon is called softening. Use the temperature when the material softens to a certain degree under a certain load - heat-resistant thermometer - the heat-resistant temperature of thermoplastic plastics is 50-90C, and the heat-resistant temperature of thermoplastic plastics is 100-200C.

When the humidity of the environment in which plastic is used decreases, its brittleness increases, and it is easily broken and damaged when subjected to mechanical impact. The cold brittleness of the small film is measured by the embrittlement temperature.
In addition, the thermal expansion coefficient of the film is large, about 3 times that of metal materials, so please pay attention when using it.